1780 Kimora Quin

1781 Olivia Jay

1782 Kittina Clairette

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This video has quite a lot of ambient noise from the nearby ocean. Reducing the volume is recommended.

Scene 1

Jay Strip to Mexico. 9:21

The background setting gives this scene a pretty exotic holiday feel wth Olivia on the balcony overlooking a tropical coastline. The time of day also helps with lighting conditions evolving from sunset to dusk over the duration. Olivia strip from some pretty skimpy jean shorts down to a string thong. The thong panties also soon hide nothing as she peels it aside to show all near the end of this intro.

Dusky & Snatch. 11:45

Olivia is now all nude except for her super tall platform heels. Her posing is sometimes a little restless but she often hits a great pose with her bare pussy and ass parked right in your face. She twerks in ways that only a black girl can do but does it sparingly enough as to not ruin any close up views. The background sky almost looks fake towards the end like a green screen setting but we can assure you that we were actually in this location and it is as you see.

Jay's is Mother of Gob. 8:39

There’s two different toys involved in this masturbation scene starting with a purple vibrator and adding a glass dildo soon after. After a little while she eliminates the vibrator and we get some awesome pussy penetration footage with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch. The butt looks especially nice dangling in this position with creamy pussy juice flooding her ass hole.

Crack Ho's Shooting up. 5:48

This BTS footage shows what happens when you let the models play photographer for a while. The last three pictures in the photo gallery are from this session.