1779 Eve Sweet

1780 Kimora Quin

1781 Olivia Jay

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

A Pretty Nice See Quins. 9:10

The wall mirror plays a fairly prominent roll in the early gong while Kimora wiggles around in her light blue lingerie. She soon moves onto the bed and gets her ass in your face with her thong panty hiding very little.

Bare With Me. 10:15

Kimora is now all nude with a very pretty pussy out in the open. You may get the feeling she is unsure what to do at times yet she always looks good no matter what. She soon finds her way to squat on your face or bend over doggy style showing off her pretty bits. Good positions come and go but when she hit it right the views are fantastic.

Mere Mirror on the Wall. ITC Favorite 4:35

Kimora goes back to the mirror on the wall in a virtual repeat of the first clip but now fully nude. It allows for some fantastic butt and face combination views. She’s got a very nice jiggle in her ass as she deliberated bounces around a little bit.

Half Cock Asian. 13:13

Kimora uses a pretty small vibrating dildo to fuck herself in the pussy. She creams up pretty nicely in the missionary position before flipping onto her front to show off the back view more. The action can be described as adequate but the ass and creamy pussy are really beautiful. Some manual butt play after she is done with the toy may be some of the best parts of the video.