1736 Chloe Temple

1737 Sharon White

1738 Eve Sweet

Shoot Location: Sint Maarten

This collection has 3 separate walking clips, partly just because she has all the right assets for it and it shows her best assets and talents in action. The three clips each have different viewing angles, state of dress and lighting conditions. There is no masturbation segment in this video due to neighbours directly within earshot.

Scene 1

Whirled Wide Web. 3:16

Sharon takes a stroll on the boardwalk beside the pool while wearing her mesh body suit. There is no nudity in this but her ass cheeks are completely out and wiggling free.

White Watchers Program. 10:28

Sharon does some leisurely posing in her mesh body suit with several standing and sitting poses beside the pool. Her impressive curves are hard to miss with boobs and cheeks spilling out top and bottom. There’s a nice boob tease with her boobs fully spilled out of her outfit. This is relatively brief but is repeated in much more detail in the next clip. She ends up on the cabana bed showing some more revealing angles while she unsnaps the bottom of her body suit to show everything. The only distraction is the number of bug bites that unfortunately come with the territory in this location.

Sharon the Mammories. 2:33

There’s a rather extended segment here that focuses exclusively on her beautiful boobs while she dangles them in your face. Her manual manipulation produces some very teasing breast jiggles.

Get your Big White Ass over here. 12:29

The focus is now on close up ass inspection with lots of bend over, lying and squatting on your face poses. If you can ignore a number of mosquito bites then you will surely enjoy her pleasantly thick and voluptuous ass. Also noticeable at times is her incredible back arch which really enhances her curves making her ass look even bigger.

Wiggle Watcher. ITC Favorite 5:05

This walking video showcases all the best things about Sharon as she parades back and forth beside the pool. She is all nude this time except for the stockings and shoes allowing all of her fabulous curves to wiggle free. She sometimes extends her walk onto the grass and all the way to the end of the property allowing for some more extended close up shots. Some of the close up walking ass shots are pretty awesome with incredible curves undulating right in front of your face. Video compression and pixelation suffer a little here due to the very busy background.

Moving White Along. ITC Favorite 4:36

Sharon has one more walking session this time in the shade after the sun has receded behind the clouds. The front side views are especially nice here with beautiful boob jiggle and hip wiggle and a nice smile on her face.

I'm Whiz Sharon. 0:46

Sharon tried a little pee scene while squatting on the table but only manages a small and brief fountain.