1735 Allie Addison

1736 Chloe Temple

1737 Sharon White

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

A Mariachi Bummed. 10:39

This is a particularly colourful scene with Chloe wearing bright red against the vibrant blues and greens of the background. Her slingshot bathing suite cuts a provocative line through her ass crack and stretching up through mid air to her shoulders. Chloe’s spectacular ass is presented front and centre through much of this tease clip. Those who care about audio might not like this clip as it is unfortunately dominated by mariachi band music from the nearby resort. It is at least authentic to the location.

Temple of Moon. 5:17

With Chloe now all nude we move in to worship one of the most perfect bottoms on the site with several bend over and lying positions. You could hardly draw up a more flawless pussy and ass if starting with a blank slate.

My Dotter Cunt Frigger it out. 4:58

Chloe has a little pussy fiddling / finger masturbation session while lying on the deck chair. The best of this has her lying on her front with the legs wide open giving a fabulous view up her ass while she frigs her pussy. The action is just not bad but the perfection of pussy and ass on display is pretty outstanding.

Icy your Pussy. 4:33

It was a pretty hot and humid day so a few cubes of ice down the crack come in handy both to cool her down and to show off some nice wet girlie flesh. The close ups are really nice with little streams of melt water running over her lips. Later there’s an entire glass of water slowly poured down over her ass in a beautiful bend over position.

She Ledge you on. 6:35

Chloe ends her scene in the pool just posing on the shallow steps including some nice floating butt views. It’s relatively brief but includes some beautiful wet ass shots.

She Ledge you on - 3D. 3D info 6:28

This is a 3D version of the similarly named clip above.