1717 Chloe Cooper

1718 Chloe Temple

1719 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

The Human Jean Gnome. 14:05

New girl Chloe Temple looks rather slight at first glance until you get up close on her butt and see a real healthy round ass that fills out her shorts beautifully. The jean shorts tease is quite extensive here with lots of beautiful views around her butt with the cheeks spilling out the bottom.

To Thongs Up. 11:42

Now with the jean shorts gone and only a thong panty in her ass crack a lot more ass is on display and her butt is even more impressive. We can see that she has impeccable form and there is not a single blemish to be found anywhere. The panties come down in the last couple of minutes giving a fabulous introduction to her incredible bare underside.

Temple Twat. ITC Favorite 10:56

This is now all nude pussy and ass inspection with lingering views of one of the most flawless butts on the site. Her pussy slot is also super tidy with her two inner lips forming a long line all the way up to her anus. Her super fit ass has a beautiful jiggle with the consistency of tight jello.

Slow the Fuck Down. 7:55

Chloe uses a vibrating dildo to fuck herself and takes a pretty slow pace for most of this scene. A majority of this has her butt dangling in mid air with very nice clear views up in her ass and pussy. She gets a nice squirm going and her flawless undercarriage is very well displayed every time the dildo comes out of her pussy.