1718 Chloe Temple

1719 Penelope Woods

1720 Chloe Temple

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Boots and Booty. 11:43

Penelope’s big slutty thigh high boots seem to point all the attention onto the fat ass hanging out of her jean shorts. There’s a lot of beautiful meat on her bodacious bottom and it spills very nicely out of the shorts. She looks really nice in all areas but she has an obvious best assets behind her and it gets a lot of attention.

Flossed in the Woods. 7:19

Now with the shorts gone Penelope teases with only her thong panty in her crack. It hides only the bare essentials but all of her pleasantly thick curves spill out and jiggle free. She often tugs on her thong wedging it up her pussy and pulling it aside for a little preview of the girlie bits underneath. The last few minutes has the panties down to her thighs for a fabulous intro to her bare pussy and ass crack in the bend over position.

That's Pretty Thick. 16:52

Now wearing only boots and a crop top Penelope puts her naked ass and pussy on display in this extensive ass worship session. There’s plenty of thick ass crack ready to smother you as she squats inches above your face. Her bend over and crabwalk poses are also really nice with full ass curves undulating in your face. Occasionally you can see the wetness in her pussy slot indicating she is ready for action.

Wanded for Armed Rubbery. ITC Favorite 12:27

Penelope uses the hitachi wand to give her pussy a good strong vibe to several climaxes in the action. Her clitoris becomes noticeably more prominent and her preferred placement of the toy does not hide it. While lying on her back the rock hard granite surface she poses on is ideal to keep her entire ass well out in view through all the action. She also gets a really good crabwalk position allowing more excellent views of her entire undercarriage as she vibes her pussy to several more climaxes. Her moments of orgasms are not super obvious but it is clear that the magic is happening with an intense look on her face and a swollen clitoris, oozing pussy and flinching butt hole.