1651 Alina Lopez

1652 Alexis Tae

1653 Kiara Cole

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

The Stars, the Moon and Your Anus. ITC Favorite 13:35

This tease video is certainly all about the rather fabulous see through pants that Alexis is wearing. The pants are almost like pantyhose but with bell bottoms and a more stylized look. Her profile is very nicely displayed in the full body shots and her pussy and ass crack are very nicely seen through the material in the close ups. The last few minutes has the pants down but not off allowing for a nice bare bottom introduction.

Ass Tae of the Motion. 6:33

Attention turns to close up pussy and ass inspection with Alexis now all nude except for the shoes. There is a beautiful overhead shot showing off her slim waist and beautiful ass curves while she squats on the ottomans. We then go directly underneath for the best view up her ass as she squats on your face.

Fucks and Friggers. 6:59

Alexis masturbation scene involves a glass dildo with a bit of simultaneous pussy rubbing. The dildo action is a bit timid at first but she later goes with only pussy rubbing and a very nice squatting position to show off her underside in revealing fashion.

3D. 3D info 8:20

This 3D video features all content similar to the first two clips above.

Scene 2

Sunny and Sheer. 6:12

Now outdoors Alexis puts on a little fashion parade walking back and forth in her awesome see through pants. Her profile is really beautiful in the pants with sunlight shimmering off the material and enhancing her form. The second half is all nude walking with the front view looking especially nice thanks to her little pubic triangle.