1650 Lilu Moon

1651 Alina Lopez

1652 Alexis Tae

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Alina has a bit of a rash on her butt in this video, though we are apparently a lot more fussy with small details than most customers so you may not even care about it.

Scene 1

Pre Dick the Fuchsia. 7:36

Alina is very nicely colour coordinated with the room in her fuchsia bra and panty set. It’s a nice tease for those who enjoy a nice butt in silky panties.

Genital Lopez. 8:35

With Alina now all nude she parks her butt on your face and spreads everything open. Her vagina naturally hangs open and shows even more intimate details when she spreads her cheeks. There’s a really nice face shot for a short while but the majority of this clip is all graphic close up pussy and ass viewing.

Alina 'gainst the Wall. 5:22

Alina’s nude posing takes a more gymnastic turn with lots of splits and upside down positions. Her flexible poses offer some much more exposed views up her bottom side.

Low Pez Dispenser. ITC Favorite 9:25

Even the toy is colour coordinated in this scene. It’s decent girth also gives her a good fuck and opens up her pussy quite nicely. She seems to cum quite easily as visible orgasms occur on more than one occasion. The viewing angle and action becomes especially nice when she hangs her ass off the edge of the bed with the addition of some nice butt squirming and oozing pussy juice.

Scene 2

Walk Ass Through it. 10:33

Now in a different room Alina uses the much larger space to parade back and forth and show off her figure in motion. She often pauses in various places to pose and then continues her parade. The first half of this is in her bra and panty set and then she repeats it all naked.