1618 Emma Hix

1619 Adrian Hush

1620 Riley Anne

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Orange Crush. 10:52

Adrian has quite a thick figure that certainly fills out her dress nicely with her boobs in particular verging on bursting out. We dedicate a reasonable amount of this clip to boob tease as that is one of her best assets. The butt also falls out of her dress with only a thin lace thong buried in her crack. With the dress finally off she demonstrates some beautiful booty jiggles.

Hush Tag Hairy. 11:10

With all clothes now off we focus on a close pussy and ass inspection. Her skin is not the most flawless but she does have a really nice form with excellent posture getting her underside out in the open for maximum exposure. She also has some really nice moves demonstrating some beautiful booty bounces while in compromising positions. You can tell she would be quite hairy were she not shaved.

Adrian Cum True. ITC Favorite 11:18

Adrian uses a purple rubber dildo to fuck herself. She has positions lying on her back, side, doggy and front, though it is the poses lying on her front that garner the most memorable segments of this clip with excellent views up her curvy underside. Her butt moves beautifully as she humps the toy. Holding the toy from underneath allows for some excellent unimpeded views up the butt through all of the action.

I Like Hushie Walks. 4:22

Adrian does an all nude walk in her high heels to show off her curves in motion. The highlight might be the front side shots with a bit of playful boob jiggling. We end up following close behind her wiggling ass as she walks through parts of a very large property.