1607 Polly Pons

1608 Lilu Moon

1609 Shrima Malati

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Eyes Lanai. 9:29

Lilu strips from her somewhat sporty shorts and crop top while posing on a very large piece of deck furniture. The first bare pussy and ass view reveals not only her beautiful assets but also a big wet spot on her panties. The mood is very serene with slow posing, calm atmosphere and occasional distant jungle sounds.

Moon Writhe. 17:01

With Lilu now all nude her spectacular bare pussy and ass gets all the attention in this extensive and slow moving segment. Underside views are plentiful with Lilu standing, squatting and spreading over your face. Large portions of this clip feature straight up the butt views while she lies on her front or side exposing her privates to the maximum. Close up inspection reveals remnants of dried pussy juice encrusted on her skin although this is very minor.

The Dark Dick Circle. ITC Favorite 12:16

Lilu uses a big black rubber dildo to fuck herself in the pussy. We get some fantastic underside views as she squats leaning back against the furniture exposing her undercarriage beautifully. Being a highly sexual girl her orgasms come easy and are undeniably genuine. You can see her pussy still twitching for quite some time after each orgasm.

Look in Twat. 3:51

This speculum scene is unique in that we manage to take the camera literally all the way inside her vagina for a small portion of the scene. It’s a bit clinical but provides a new perspective for the curious. The rest of the scene has moderately close and well lit vagina views throughout.