1606 Riley Star

1607 Polly Pons

1608 Lilu Moon

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Polly Floss. 15:04

Polly spends a good portion of her strip tease flossing her pussy with her panties wedged up in her pussy slit. It appears to accentuate her especially wide and fat volva area. Inevitably her bare pussy and ass crack also peek out from time to time as she manipulates her panties and pulls them aside.

Polly's Gully. 12:02

Polly’s nude posing segment has a bit of finger masturbation initially but soon morphs into an ass worship video. Most of the views are from the rear, partly because we are averse to fake boobs and tattoos but also because it is her best angle. The up the butt views are quite fantastic as she does a great job of getting her ass out in the open and in your face.

Polly Wands a Cracker. 10:41

Polly uses a rather large pink dildo to fuck herself. She’s able to jam it in her pussy quite aggressively in spite of the large size and knobby head. She develops a few traces of creamy pussy goo visible on her lips every time she takes the dildo out. Her momentum comes and goes in spurts as she alternately rams her pussy with passion and then takes the dildo out to show her freshly fucked pussy gaping and glistening with pussy goo.

Hornry Winkler. 2:09

This is a little encore close up inspection of her pussy and ass with all her private bits freshly fucked and glistening in the light. This short segment has some of the best views of the whole video with her ass hole winking and her pussy and ass filling your screen.