1555 Khloe Kapri

1556 Cindy Starfall

1557 Angel Emily

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Tubside Down. 14:03

Cindy is looking pretty hot with very nice hair and make up in this set. Her mesh and lace gown is very transparent showing everything underneath. She talks to you quite frequently in both English and Vietnamese. After the gown comes off she does a pretty nice job of teasing with her panty thong.

Look Who Cindy Tub. 13:29

Cindy gets in the giant bathtub and spends much of the time showing off her ass in the doggy style position. Ironically she might look best in this position with her butt facing away and her face in the foreground due to her rather attractive exotic looks and obvious charm. The scene is relatively softcore by our standards but still has plenty of up the butt views.

Wetness to the Rubbery. 7:06

Cindy emerges from the water and lies on the edge of the tub to start playing with her pussy. She frequently dribbles water down over her pussy and ass maintaining a nice wet skin look. The masturbation action is maybe not so compelling but her bare pussy and ass are really beautiful here with flawless skin and beautiful shape filling your view.

3D. 3D info 9:29

This 3D version video is mostly like the second clip above except that we turned on the water jets in the tub. The 3D look is quite effective with bubbles and splashing water in the foreground.