1554 Adrian Hush

1555 Khloe Kapri

1556 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hinds Mustard. 17:51

Khloe’s mustard yellow gown is rather see-through and provides quite a nice tease as you easily see her figure right through it. Going right inside her gown we get a beautiful upskirt view with her bare pussy and ass hovering over you. Then lying on the bed she execute multiple beautiful booty wiggles with her transparent gown over her ass. Half way through this clip the gown remains on but comes up over her ass leaving a good portion of time to inspect her naked pussy and ass.

An Up Standing Young Woman. 6:52

Standing full body shots here show a beautiful figure from all sides. We spend a good amount of time down low looking up her butt as she stands with her ass parked on top of your face. It’s a pretty exciting ass show with lots of butt spreading, spanking and wiggling. Later she wraps her ass around the bed post in a quite suggestive manner.

The Bedside Straddler. 4:51

It’s not very often you get to see a bend over doggy style pose from directly underneath. That’s exactly what we get with Khloe straddling across between two beds and the camera underneath in the gap between the beds. Her squirm is rather intoxicating while a beautiful rim light accentuates the shape of her pussy and ass. Later she squats her naked privates over top of your face for a short time.

Thats Fucking Deep. ITC Favorite 13:50

Khloe uses a very soft dildo to fuck herself and makes quite a show of it with a few tricks and some open pussy whenever the toy comes out. Several times she buries the toy so deep it almost disappears and then she pushes it out using only her pussy muscles. Some really nice views come when she gets in a crabwalk position with everything hanging in your face with all private places really well exposed for the view. The action picks up with some quite intense pussy pounding to the climax. Perhaps the hottest view is at the end after she is done with the toy as she hangs her freshly fucked and open pussy over your face with a beautiful squirm in her ass and all privates in prime position for maximum exposure.

3D. 3D info 14:52

This 3D video has all content similar to the first three clips above.