1492 Demi Lopez

1493 Cecilia Scott & Tiffany Tatum

1494 Apolonia LaPiedra

Shoot Location: Tuscany, Italy

Scene 1

Italy Twice as Good. 9:22

This first clip is a little more than just a strip tease. After (and during) stripping off each other’s bra and panties the two girls get into some initial twat and ass munching to get things going. They end up one sitting on top of the other showing two asses piled on top of each other.

Eat your Tatums. 3:01

After the foregoing appetizer Tiffany now gets her pussy eaten out and then flips over to have her ass on the receiving end of Cecilia’s attention.

Pick Sides. 2:18

This is a brief interlude from the lesbian action as the two girls lie side by side and butt to butt to show of their asses next to each other.

I Cunt Breath. 8:33

The main bulk of the lesbian action is in this clip with lots of 69 action and face sitting while getting eaten out. Cecilia’s bend over pose while sitting on Tiffany’s face is especially nice with her big wobbling ass cheeks and prominent anus beautifully displayed. Tiffany then crab walks on top of Cecilia’s face to get her ass hole sucked and licked.

Clean up on Aisle Bum. 10:19

The girls have a quick side be side ass twerk and then get into dining on each other’s asses. It’s a pretty nice video for those who enjoy tongues in ass cracks. They have a brief scissors position before switching to eat out the other girl’s ass.

More or Lez the Same. 5:05

This is a mixed bag of random straggling action with Cecilia once again squatting on Tiffany’s face and then the two girls posing side by side and twerking, etc.