1491 Sabina Rouge

1492 Demi Lopez

1493 Cecilia Scott & Tiffany Tatum

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Watch Knit Happen. 16:44

Demi is clearly all about the ass as she is blessed with an ample booty that grabs and keeps our attention throughout this video. The butt tease is relentless with her short knitted dress being employed to show and hide and tease with her ass. She does a pretty nice panty tease and bare ass crack show towards the end.

Hip Ho Bottomless. 11:23

This is somewhat similar to the first clip but now without panties. Once again her short dress is used to tease with the lower end of her ass hanging out. Eventually the dress slides up well over her ass becoming a non factor and we just soak in her big naked ass and pussy with lots of beautiful close up views. There’s a pretty awesome little segment of pussy spreading with well lit open vagina gaping.

That's Nude Demi. ITC Favorite 6:58

With the dress off Demi is now all nude. There’s a bit of parading around on the balcony and then she lies down on her front on the deck chair to show off her ass for the rest of the way. In this segment we get some pretty awesome close up ass crack shots. You may feel like her big jiggly ass cheeks are virtually surrounding your face as we snuggle the camera up her butt to admire her anus and watch the surrounding cheeks jiggle.

Schlong Sucker. 10:45

With a big black dildo suctioned onto the arm of the deck chair we get the front row seat under her ass to view some pretty awesome dildo humping action. Her butt is pretty epic with beautiful squirming and jiggly motion virtually coming down right onto your face. She then turns onto her back and uses her hand on the dildo to manually fuck her pussy. You may find it interesting how she bends the dildo as she slowly pulls it out of her pussy until it flicks in the air.

3D. 3D info 14:38

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first three clips above.