1427 Kira Noir

1428 Zaya Cassidy

1429 Ashley Lane

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Panty Line Poser. ITC Favorite 12:06

Zaya’s silky skin tight skirt comes with some considerable benefits of clearly displaying her panty lines showing through the stretched material. In most cases girls might want to hide their panty lines but in this case it is a magnificent tease. The skirt then comes down to just under her ass revealing a beautiful pair of panties. Her butt squirming is some of the best we have shot to date.

Lip-a-Long Cassidy. 13:43

Zaya’s long pussy lips are front and centre throughout much of this all nude posing clip. With all the standing poses, sitting backwards on the chair and lying on the counter top you will find yourself continually admiring the size of her beautiful pussy lips which stretch perhaps 5 inches from her anus to her clitoris.

An Oil Baste Painting. ITC Favorite 11:51

This is surely one of the most delightful unique object scenes we have shot to date with the basting brush being used to paint her pussy with oil. Her pussy looks nothing short of spectacular all dressed up in glistening oil and the painting action with the brush is highly erotic. You sometimes see her anus twitch as the brushing presses over her clitoris. Her ass crack and cheeks also get a good oil coating with long brush strokes wiping up and down the full length of her ass crack and pussy slit. You’ll be hard pressed to find any sexier action anywhere else.