1426 Zazie Skymm

1427 Kira Noir

1428 Zaya Cassidy

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Is Knit Red Dickless? ITC Favorite 7:58

Kira’s red dress is crazy short and sexy with the bottom hemline sitting only just at the bottom of her ass cheeks and easily sliding up when she squirms around. The legs are long and prominent but they go all the way up until they make an ass of themselves which is where we keep on gazing. The up skirt tease is relentless with gorgeous up the ass views. Her slim black panty thong is the only thing between you and her crack and it fails to hide the treasures of her ass crack. Kira’s movements are as smooth as silk with every pose and move she makes.

Noir Near here. ITC Favorite 11:04

Things only get better now with the panties off and the dress still on as we virtually repeat content the first clip but with nothing to hide the fantastic views up her dress and up into her ass crack and pussy. The ass squirming and up the butt views are truly amazing as she moves like poetry in motion. The dress remains hovering just half over her ass for much of this adding a delightful element of tease. Towards the end she gets fully nude and squats on your face.

Now it's My Toyin’. 13:17

Kira now fucks herself with a clear rubber dildo. Her pussy soon juices up with a layer of creamy goo smeared around her vagina, though it doesn’t really last through the remainder of the scene. The audio in this clip has the background sound of a nearby resort which may be distracting.

3D. 3D info 13:16

This 3D format video has all footage similar to the first 2 clips above.