1370 Demi Lopez

1371 Vicky Love

1372 Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Nice Stocking to you. 11:08

Vicky is a little older than our typical models with a soft body and very natural moves attesting to her experience. The best angles on her figure become apparent when she bends over and when she lies on her side with her butt thrust out. It’s quite clear that she enjoys teasing you as she often has a pretty genuine smile on her face. Most of this strip tease has her thong panties still in place although they don’t hide much. She gets her panties pulled aside in the last few minutes and does well to get her naughty bits thoroughly exposed.

I Love Milf and Cookie. 10:14

Now with the panties gone Vicky does a great job of displaying her bare pussy and ass with various open leg poses and plenty of spreading. Her poses lying on her side are pretty awesome with her girlie bits well thrust out behind her to clearly show off her best angle enhanced with some well executed squirming.

Vicky Dicky. 12:50

Vicky uses a soft rubber dildo to fuck herself. She gapes quite nicely whenever the toy comes out of her pussy showing a deep dark cavern.

3D. 3D info 9:17

This is a 3D version video with content similar to the first two clips above.