1369 Bailey Brooke

1370 Demi Lopez

1371 Vicky Love

Shoot Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Scene 1

Pose in Hose. ITC Favorite 24:09

Demi’s super shiny pantyhose look like they are painted on as they hug all the curves even right up in her ass crack and around her pussy lips. She’s got the full bottom assets to really fill out her pantyhose and she takes her time wagging her ass in your face for a long time. Literally everything is seen through the seamless pantyhose crotch when she bends over or spreads her legs. In spite of the fact her pantyhose don’t come off until near the end of this clip you still see all the details of her private places right through the material. Towards the end she pulls her pantyhose down just under her ass and does a really nice ass spread right in your face.

Browsing at Wall Greens. 3:54

Now with the pantyhose and shoes gone we take a few minutes to just inspect Demi’s bare pussy and ass with lots of close ups. The shot right in her ass crack is pretty amazing as you may feel like her ass cheeks are almost surrounding your face.

It Deep Ends. 6:10

Demi uses a long knobby glass toy for a deep dig up her ass. It’s much more than just a dabble as she gets it practically 10 inches up her ass. The toy is mostly just decorative so there’s not a lot of fucking action.

It'll Cum Demi. 6:55

Now with a vibrating dildo Demi has a go at her front side bits and eventually brings on an orgasm. She mostly just hold the toy against her clitoris to get to the climax. The action is pretty sedate throughout but it does culminate in an apparently real orgasm.

3D. 3D info 15:58

This is a 3D version video with similar content to the first two clips above.