1349 Demi Lopez

1350 Frida Sante

1351 Lorena Garcia

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Halo There. 10:00

With this tease Frida spends a fair amount of time posing suggestively while still in her clothes with a focus on her elegant white shorts. In the last few minutes she gets down to her crisp white panties and finally has them pulled down around her thighs giving a nice introduction to her tidy pussy and ass.

Sante Claws. ITC Favorite 12:26

With Frida now nude we spend this entire clip just admiring her naked pussy and ass with lots of open leg poses and pussy spreading. What she lacks in the rear she more than makes up for with her flawless and beautiful pussy and ass hole. Her pose sitting backwards on the chair gives and outstanding view straight up her immaculate underside. She then lies on her back on top of the table with her legs spread wide open exposing everything to the maximum. Her pussy spreading is really quite good with her hands well out of the way and a decent gape happening at times.

Feel Frida Cum. 9:57

Frida uses her vibrator on and in her pussy while lying back on the table top. She is quite nice and juicy near the beginning of this clip with creamy girl juice slobbered around her pussy lips. She soon gets her ass jacked up in the crabwalk position giving an excellent view of her entire underside while she fucks herself. The scene ends with a fantastic pussy spread showing the details of her vagina with excellent clarity.

Halo There - 3D. 14:27

This is a 3D version video with content similar to the “Halo There” and “Sante Claws” videos above.

Scene 2

I Dip End on you. 5:36

Frida had a quick dip in the pool to end her video. Some of this is just putting around in the pool but there are a couple of outstanding moments with beautiful poses, particularly when she lies on top of the infinity wall with her legs in the air.

I Dip End on you - 3D. 3D info 5:56

This is a 3D version of the similarly named clip above.