1350 Frida Sante

1351 Lorena Garcia

1352 Kristen Scott

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The pictures don’t quite exactly match the video in this set due to the fact we put off shooting the pictures for several days waiting for ideal sky conditions which never happened.

Scene 1

Know Sweat. 9:35

Lorena poses in her black one piece bathing suit against a quite stunning background scene. She gets naked halfway into this strip tease and then just shows off her naked assets. With the heat and humidity of the location it was inevitable that she would become quite sweaty within a short period of time. As a result her skin has a shiny, almost oiled look in this video.

A Perspiring Actress. 6:28

Lorena becomes virtually drenched in sweat in this finger masturbation clip and it really doesn’t look bad on her appearing like an oily lotion. Her bend over pose is especially nice with good light filling in the nether regions.

A Living Ledge End. ITC Favorite 17:21

With the intense humidity stifling us and one of the most beautiful pools we’ve ever shot beckoning us we obviously had to get Lorena in the pool. This clip is clearly the highlight of her video with some amazing ass up views as she squirms and lazes around on the shallow steps of the pool. You get the feeling she’s done this before and really knows how to show off her ass. All poses are done with the graceful fluid motion of a seasoned professional model. Her smile is infectious and constant and one of the most genuine of any model we have shot.