1284 Joseline Kelly

1285 Lorena Garcia

1286 Karter Foxx

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Lets get Snaked. ITC Favorite 21:08

At first we see Lorena in the bathroom fixing her make up and brushing her long luxurious hair before she moves into the bedroom. Her short sheer robe stays on for virtually the entire clip and provides the most beautiful tease as she wears no panties underneath it. She flirts tantalizingly close to revealing all several times before becoming more bold with repeated bare pussy and ass views up under her robe. Eventually you’re going to get some really good close up looks up her ass as she lies on her front with her ass jacked up in your face while holding the fabric up and away and then dropping it back down. This is surely one of the best tease videos on the site with one of the most beautiful and charming girls doing an awesome job of enticing you with a masterful tease performance.

Can we all getta Long Hair. 13:14

With the robe now gone this is all just extensive nude posing on the bed. There’s some pretty interesting shots in the middle section as she straddles between the bed and an adjacent chair. With bend over shots in both the front and rear angles and then from underneath you see her ass from all perspectives including the most revealing view straight up the pussy and ass from below. Then back in the middle of the bed she does some beautiful butt squirming while posing crabwalk style with her undercarriage dangling in your face.

A Big Fuckin' Knob Buddy. 16:02

Lorena uses a large lumpy rubber dildo that seems like it can barely fit in her pussy. Half of the time she just rubs it on her clitoris but it does also get pumped inside her pussy up to about half of it’s length.