1283 Makenna Blue

1284 Joseline Kelly

1285 Lorena Garcia

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Just Joseline with you. 9:21

Joseline has some rather prominent lips and cheeks bulging out of her blue one piece lingerie set. Though she is slim she has a really healthy full ass hanging out in the back. And then when she turns around and lies back with her legs up she has an incredible bulge in her crotch with her big meaty lips visible right through the fabric.

Beat the Meat. 9:42

Now with Joseline completely naked she takes her time just showing off her voluptuous assets before finally getting down to some pussy rubbing with her fingers. She makes quite the thick pussy lip sandwich when she squeezes her labia together.

Kelly and Cumway. 4:24

There’s some pretty decent quality close up inside shots in this speculum scene. The lighting is really good with excellent clarity. Her pose lying on her side is also particularly nice as it shows a nice round ass enhancing the view.

Scene 2

Super Kelly Friggilistic. 13:47

Kelly looks quite different in this scene as it was shot several weeks earlier with different make up and slightly shorter hair. There’s a little panty tease and some very nice nude posing before she rubs out a quick masturbation session with just her fingers. The nude posing occupies the better portion of this clip with some very nice bend over and squatting over your face to show off her undercarriage. There’s quite a lot of pussy meat flapping around under manipulating fingers in the pussy rubbing session which is visually nice although it probably didn’t result in any actual orgasm.