1257 Aria Alexander

1258 Kami Kari

1259 Ariana Marie

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Kami see what you got? 23:12

Kami’s best asset is pretty instantly obvious as soon as she turns around with her big ass cheeks literally hanging all the way out of her jean shorts. The butt of the shorts has been completely cut away right up to the seem making them into a string thong. There’s some pretty deadly ass shots with her butt sticking out to fill your screen while she stands against the glass door. She gets bottomless about one third into this extensive clip with her butt maintaining the majority of our attention throughout.

A Kami Kari Mission. 9:46

Kami’s ass still maintains the focus of attention but now with a little rubber string tail sticking out of it. She remains bending over in doggy style most of the time wagging her ass around and flexing her anus in and out and sometime popping the little ball end of the toy in and out of her ass. She momentarily stands up to show off her big wiggly butt with the string buried in her ass crack before going back to the bend over pose.