1258 Kami Kari

1259 Ariana Marie

1260 Uma Jolie

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

This is perhaps one of the more extravagant locations we have shot lately. There’s not too many private residences with a pond, fountain and mountain view quite like this. The clear blue skies and serene setting make for a really pristine video.

Scene 1

Some Thin to Ponder. 10:54

Ariana might be a bit slim on the backside but she has definitely got some beautiful curves on the front side with very nice boobs and a slim waist enhancing her figure. We spend a fair amount of time admiring her boobs before moving down to inspect the lower end. The first fully nude shots are quite stunning with beautiful lighting enhancing her lovely figure against the clear blue sky.

Prick Pocket. 6:21

Ariana has her knees pinned back almost to her ears through most of this dildo masturbation scene. The dildo seems quite large in relation to her slender frame. The last few minutes of this clip features some pretty wide open pussy spreading although the direct sunlight conditions are not the best for seeing all the way inside.

The Geyser lovin' this. 10:29

Ariana gets in the pool for a bit of a splash around. She starts actually in the small fountain pond and squats her ass down right on the fountain. Later she moves down into the main pool and poses on the infinity edge. She spends a fair amount of time repeatedly wetting her hair and propping herself up on the infinity edge with the benefit that her hair dribbles streams of water all down her ass crack.

Scene 2

Cottage Tease. 8:10

This scene is in stark contrast to the previous with a much more modest cottage style home and balcony in the background. Ariana wears no panties underneath her loose flowing white dress allowing for some pretty easy upskirt views. Perhaps the best shots are the full body front side views as she lifts her dress up for a little peekaboo of her incredible nude figure underneath the dress. After she does a brief strip tease and then moves onto the rocking chair to play with her pussy. There’s no toys involved as she just has a quick pussy rub to end the video. The audio of this scene is not the greatest with all kinds of city noises in the background.