1246 Val Dodds

1247 Lorena Garcia

1248 Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hose that Girl? ITC Favorite 21:33

Lorena looks so good in her all black outfit that we had her keep it on for a really long time. This is non stop tease with lots of see through materials including her seamless pantyhose which has a see through crotch and her sexy skirt which has a few see through stripes across the bottom half letting you look inside her skirt. The close up butt views are pretty awesome with double sheer materials giving you the view of what is underneath. Literally none of her clothes come off in this clip and yet there’s still plenty to see with her girlie bits often clearly visible through the pantyhose. As usual her incredible smile will totally make you melt showing her true charm which comes so naturally to her.

Bye Sheers. 10:31

Lorena finally begins stripping off her clothes leaving the pantyhose for last to tease for a while longer before pulling them down to show off her bare pussy and ass. She does a pretty nice leg tease at the end as she sits leaning back with her legs in the air while taking off her shoes and pantyhose.

Eye Cunt Understand. 10:36

With Lorena now completely naked we go underneath to gaze up at her bare pussy and ass as she stands over top showing it off. You get the low angle view from both the back and the front sides looking up the length of her body with her pussy in the foreground. We also get a low angle view as she sits squatting backwards on the chair.

Handy Garcia. 5:32

Lorena has a quick pussy rubbing session to round out her video and bring it to a climax. There’s no toys involved and she remains leaning back in the chair with her legs up throughout.