1237 Maya Pearl

1238 Nina Sunrise

1239 Cleo Vixen

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Sunrise at Some Set. 18:25

Nina’s lacy shorts and her amazing booty take centre stage in this tease video. The tease does not end when the shorts come off because there’s another layer with her sheer white panties. Though they are not a thong there’s a lot of ass cheek spilling out of these panties. As soon as her panties come down she immediately shows off her butt hole flexing talents. There’s a good 6 minutes of bottomless nudity in the latter portions of this clip with big ass curves dominating the views.

Split Tease. ITC Favorite 6:00

Nina shows off several different talents in this splits video. She is perhaps the best model we have for doing the splits. With her substantial ass curves the booty bulge is really prominent with her legs fully split open from side to side and with a big arch in her back. With some ass cheek flexing she really gets her booty bobbling up and down one side at a time. Later she does the splits while standing on one leg with the other legs straight up over her head. Certainly there are positions here that you would never see with almost any other model.

Dusk Buster. 5:25

Nina leans back in the chair with her legs wide open to buzz her pussy with a strong vibrator. She soon comes to an orgasm with lots of quivering motion.

I Nina Hand. 5:28

Nina moves back onto the bench and continues masturbating using just her hand to rub her pussy. She spends much of the time lying on her front with the legs wide open giving the perfect view straight up her best assets from behind. She ends up on her side as she brings the action to a climax. Unfortunately the focus gets a bit soft at the critical moment of orgasm but the action is too good to miss.