1236 Brittany Shae

1237 Maya Pearl

1238 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Mini Maya. 13:59

Maya is so tiny she barely fills out her skimpy jean shorts but has plenty of charm to satisfy fans of petite girls. She has a wonderful smile and appears much more engaged with the camera than a lot of models. The jean shorts cover almost nothing around her crotch and ass crack with her dark pussy lips virtually spilling out around the fabric. There’s quite a lot to see when she bends over in these jean shorts.

Dark Matter. 8:55

Now with Maya completely naked her bare pussy and ass get thrust into your face for close up inspection. Her pussy lips are quite noticeably darker than the rest of her skin making that a prominent feature of her body. Her ass squatting on top of your face makes for a very compelling view straight up her underside. At the end she takes a moment to just crawl back and forth on the couch while flashing her flirty smile.

Fap Chance. 12:03

Maya lies back on the couch and starts rubbing her pussy eventually progressing through several positions. At first she finds a sexy way to wear smile while masturbating and her expression then turns more intense as she gets more busy. The muscle tension grows increasingly more as she holds her breath and vigorously rubs her pussy.