1232 Gina Valentina & Elsa Jean

1233 Cindy Starfall

1234 Amara Romani

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hose on Deck. ITC Favorite 32:39

This would be one of the longest and most extensive pantyhose tease videos we have shot. Cindy wanders all around the large deck space wearing her floral dress and black seamless pantyhose. She talks almost all the time, sometimes in Vietnamese and often saying the darndest things. There’s no lack of personality with this girl. She looks super cute and she keeps saying the naughtiest things in the most amusing ways. Her close up butt squirm is really intoxicating with her beautiful form simmering in see through sheer material. For more than half an hour she does not remove her pantyhose and yet you still get a fantastic eyeful of ass and her pussy is clearly visible through the sheer material. Her backward sitting position straddling the chair is quite awesome giving a beautiful view up her pussy and ass through the gossamer material that is so transparent it is almost not even there.

Cindy Groove. 12:28

Cindy’s pantyhose finally come down, at least to her thighs, allowing her bare pussy and ass crack out in the open for inspection. You’ll love the way she lies on her side and thrusts her spectacular ass in your face showing off her flawless silky smooth ass skin. She then turns onto her back with her legs up and out spreading her private places wide open for maximum exposure.

Toes 'n Hose. 5:16

We take a brief diversion from our usual content to cater to the foot fetish fans as Cindy removes her shoes and pantyhose. Almost the whole time her bare pussy and ass are visible in the background while her feet and toes are displayed in the foreground.

Viet Dong. 9:37

Once again Cindy is quite talkative at the beginning of this clip saying funny things about her toy before using it on her pussy. Her pussy goo is naturally creamy and starts to gather around her vagina. Her moaning is perhaps a bit contrived but a small grievance considering Cindy is clearly one of the most awesome girls on the site.