1231 Jasmine Summers

1232 Gina Valentina & Elsa Jean

1233 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This scene feature two really top notch girls, though for much of this lesbian scene you could say the girls appear to be just going through the motions. All of that changes in the outtakes and the walking scenes near the end of this collection when the personalities really come alive.

Scene 1

Watch Gina or Elsa. 9:27

Both Elsa and Gina take turns doing a little bit of seductive solo posing before the real lesbian content starts in the following clips. Both girls wear extra sexy jean shorts and a crop top. Elsa’s jean short are extra revealing spilling almost all of her ass cheeks out of them and the crotch is barely hidden by only the thickness of the seam. Gina’s jean short, while not as ridiculously short still spill her ass cheeks, especially when she yanks up on them and they outline her fit form really nicely.

Young and Good Licking. 16:58

The girls get a little more frisky with each other now and Gina ends up on the receiving end through the duration of this clip. After a little bit of slow butt worship the jean shorts come down and she gets her ass and pussy eaten out. The action is a little bit lacking in passion at this point but the girlie places on display are absolutely prime. Gina has one of the prettiest pussies with beautiful form and youthful perfection.

Lez Meat in the Middle. 18:48

The rolls are reversed and Elsa gets her pussy and ass eaten out by Gina. Of special interest in this clip is Elsa’s extra fat vulva which makes for some more interesting pussy eating. Once again the passion is a bit marginal but the assets on display are quite amazing. There is a very nice close up right in Elsa’s big fat lips with Gina’s tongue slithering up and down between the meat.

Double Trouble. 3:50

This outtake shows Gina and Elsa testing a double headed dildo which they thought might make a good scene. Like many ideas it is much better in theory than in practice, as this clip shows, thus the real scene never happened. This outtake is none the less quite entertaining as the girls get a little goofy. This clip also demonstrates that the real personalities only really come out when they are not trying to put on a show.

Ball Talk. 1:11

This outtake cuts in in the middle of a bit of porno shop talk as the girls talk about guys balls on set. While it’s not something of particularly sexy interest it is never the less kind of amusing.

Silly Sashay. ITC Favorite 8:45

This walking scene has a little extra personality and intrigue than most as the girl’s actually ignore the camera and have some fun with each other. After a little bit of goofing around they then take turns walking back and forth and sometimes walk the pathway together.