1204 Tracy Delicious

1205 Abella Danger

1206 Sapphira

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Danger Ass Curves. 16:23

Abella’s striped and mesh dress is pretty racey showing off a lot through the transparent material. There’s obviously a lot of ass to inspect with this model and it maintains our attention through most of this video. She spends a fair amount of time just flopping her ass around on the bed and then she lifts the dress up over her ass to show off her naked assets. She does a really nice bend over pose in which your attention will be sucked right up her ass crack as she winks her ass hole at you. With her dress then off the remainder of the clip progresses with a series of twerks and butt hole winking segments.

A Mounting of Heavy Dance. 9:37

Abella gets on top of a big black mounted dildo and rides it cowgirl style. You get a pretty decent close up view up her ass crack while she slowly slides up and down on the toy. The dildo itself appears to be a bit stiff though she still does a pretty decent job of fucking it.

Cavern Spacey. ITC Favorite 5:53

Abella’s muscle flexing is really very prominent in this speculum scene with the blades of the device moving quite a lot and her anus almost constantly winking at you. In spite of a contraption that most girls find awkward holding her vagina wide open she certainly has no problem moving around and giving some interesting perspectives in different positions.