1203 Elsa Jean

1204 Tracy Delicious

1205 Abella Danger

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

Just Czeching. 12:33

Tracy’s panties and her big booty take the majority of our attention in this strip tease video. Her form fitting silky panties fuel the imagination and she eventually satisfies your curiosity with the panties pulled down around her thighs showing off the details of her crack between her thick curvy ass cheeks.

That Taint Twerking. 9:15

Tracy’s nude posing shows off some incredible thick curves around her pussy and ass area in several excellent poses. Other than a skin tag on her butt hole she’s pretty flawless with very smooth skin. She spends much of the time spreading her pussy open but there’s also a really nice segment of twerking with thick curves flapping in the air. Most remarkable is her fabulous form with full figured curves and no hint of cellulite.

Toylet Plunger. 13:30

Tracy uses a rubber dildo to fuck herself on the bed. Her pose lying back with her knees up to her chest is brilliant displaying incredible curves around her wide ass while the fucking action happens in the middle of it all. She also uses positions lying on her side, bending over and in the crabwalk pose. She ends up humping the toy while lying on her front with a really nice booty wobble providing most of the action.

Ass Open You'd do that. ITC Favorite 11:17

Using the same rubber dildo Tracy now fucks herself in the ass. There’s a lot more going on than just dabbling in this anal scene as she really fucks herself hard and deep with a big toy and shows off a lot of open ass hole in the process. The toy slips in with remarkable ease and also provides some pretty explicit gaping ass hole shots whenever she takes the toy out of her ass. She does pop the toy out of her ass hole quite frequently making the ass gapes a prominent feature in this anal scene. At the end she has a very sexy little poke around up her ass with one finger and we get a nice close up shot right in her ass crack as she flexes her anus.