1183 Vicki Chase

1184 Candybelle

1185 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Can de Bell Charm? 11:21

Candybelle has a certain way of looking cute and girlie with her coy smile and a finger stuck in her mouth. Though not at all revealing she does look good in her jeans but they do come off fairly early on leaving time to admire her butt in her panties before they come off. There’s a couple of minutes of bottomless nudity at the end with Candybelle standing Captain Morgan style over your face.

Lazy Gaze. 11:09

We dedicate 11 minutes to simply pussy and ass inspection with Candybelle posing on the couch in various revealing positions. Her motion is quite minimal allowing for some very clear views of her naughty bits.

Slow Poke Ahead. 8:52

Candybelle has a little poke around up her ass with one finger. It literally is only a little poke as she only inserts one finger as deep as the first knuckle. She is all eye candy and not much action but what nice eye candy it is. The close up ass crack views are quite stunning with excellent clarity in her flawless crack.

The Inside Goop. 2:44

This speculum scene is a little brief due to it being a bit large for her tiny pussy. You can see the remnants of what was her period in the farthest depths of her vagina.