1182 Alex Grey

1183 Vicki Chase

1184 Candybelle

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Scene 1

Chase the Blues Away. 13:18

This video starts with some pretty sexy up skirt views with beautiful curves emerging from within her elegant dress and matching panties flashing you from underneath. The panties play a quite prominent roll in this strip tease with several minutes of posing in only panties and then with the panties pulled aside towards the end.

Open Cunt Set. ITC Favorite 16:09

There’s lots of spread pussy and ass in this all nude posing clip. She is the girl with the most beautiful anus and it gets a good look see at various times throughout this scene. There’s a number of excellent underneath views as she squats backwards on the chair with her ass hovering over your face. She also spends some time lying back in the chair with her knees up to her chest displaying some awesome curves around her ass. Though her pussy gets spread open several times it is her ass and her gorgeous ass hole that steal the show here. She has the perfect funnel shaped anus with flawless radiating creases and a very teasing winking motion as she flexes it in and out.

A Black Dick Container. 10:30

Vicki lies back in the chair and pulls her knees back to her chest while fucking herself with a black vibrating dildo. She later hangs her ass off the edge of the chair with her feet on the floor while continuing to fuck herself. She is one of the better performers and nothing changes about that here. The sight of gooey juices running down her lovely ass cheeks is quite stimulating in both positions here.

Say Yellow to my Piddle Friend. 1:12

Vicki takes a pee while hanging her ass off the edge of the chair in a very revealing and exposed position. It’s a very yellow pee with almost radioactive colour.

Wiggley's Bum. 6:11

In the interests of showing off some of Vicki’s best talents we watch her just walking back and forth on the deck. She really knows how to strut her stuff with a beautiful wiggle in her walk.