1180 Skin Diamond

1181 Felicia Kiss

1182 Alex Grey

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Hang out on the Deck. ITC Favorite 24:43

Felicia’s red dress is so short it is more like a long shirt with her ass hanging out under the hemline. Low angle views give a real nice view of her panties and ass cheeks draped in the bottom edge of her dress. The first bottomless view is quite magical as she squats backwards on the chair and lowers her panties with her ass hovering over your face. The panties are off about 8 minutes in leaving a large chunk of time to ogle and inspect her bare naked pussy and ass. Though her dress stays on for a long time the pussy and ass are completely out in the open and exposed virtually the whole time. Her pussy spreading is really outstanding with a substantial gape and with the hands out of the way. Once again standing we get more up skirt views from below now without the panties. She loses the dress in the last few minutes and returns to squatting on the chair with her bare underside in your face. The audio is not so wonderful in this clip as it is unfortunately dominated by the sounds of a nearby daycare/playground. This problem subsides in the following clips below.

She'll Fuckin' Felicia. 9:56

Felicia’s dildo masturbation is slow and methodical for a while but giving excellent pussy and ass views with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair. There’s a few nice little streams of pussy juice flowing out of her pussy from time to time and her vagina naturally hangs open whenever the takes the dildo out of her pussy.

Piddler on the Roof. 2:08

Felicia takes a pee on the balcony first while standing and then squatting leaning back against the chair. It’s not exactly a full stream as she only managed a moderate trickle in both positions.