1179 Maddy OReilly

1180 Skin Diamond

1181 Felicia Kiss

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

I'll be Black. ITC Favorite 19:43

This model has really got an elegant presence with her slow and seductive movement and well polished posing. Her sensual leg tease gradually melds into an upskirt tease with beautiful curves emanating from within her tight short dress. Her thong hides very little of her ass crack with her inner pussy lips also peeking out from behind the thong string. Later with the dress off she spends some time just teasing with her thong panties with really not much left to the imagination. There’s some very nice close up nude pussy and ass views at the end with the panties down around her thighs.

Black Gawk Down. 13:48

Skin takes her panties off and stuffs them entirely up her pussy until they disappear. That’s where they remain for the first half of this clip as she proceeds to just show off her body with lots of revealing nude posing. Some nice pussy and ass spreading reveals her panties inside her vagina as she bends over with her ass in your face.

Dong Johnson. 11:24

Skin uses the big purple dildo while lying back on the couch with her knees pulled all the way back to her chest. The position really shows off the curves around her ass with some beautiful pussy penetration action happening in the middle of all those lovely curves. In the second half she squats leaning back against the couch with her ass hanging out in mid air as she continues to fuck her pussy. She has a nice little stream of creamy pussy juice coming out of her pussy as she cums.

Ho Tail Room Cervix. 6:39

The close ups on this speculum scene show one bonus curiosity with her IUD string visible coming out of her cervix. She poses in several different positions with the speculum gaping her pussy open including a very nice bend over pose.

Scene 2

Pretty Skin Pee. 1:43

Now outdoors Skin takes a pee while squatting on the edge of a step. The close up shot is especially nice with excellent clarity and lighting.