1161 Elsa Jean

1162 Nina Sunrise

1163 Sapphira

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

Join the Navy. ITC Favorite 18:52

Attention is squarely focused on Nina’s incredible behind through most of this strip tease and in fact most of the entire video. She wears a beautiful pair of blue lace panties with a nice cut enhancing her curves and her cheeks spilling well out of the panties. The butt tease is something special with amazing curves squirming and jiggling in your face and panties sometimes coming down just under her ass for a little peak at the treasures in her bare ass crack. Towards the end she leaves her panties down around her thighs and gives you a long and revealing gaze up her naked ass with some very prominent butt hole winking action.

Nina Bumrise. 11:59

This is all bare bottom pussy and ass worship with all manner of posing to get her naked underside exposed and in your face. She spends a long time lying on her front with her legs open giving the revealing view straight up her ass. We get right up close in her butt crack to inspect her anus with lots of butt hole flexing motion. Then squatting upright her shapely butt cheeks are well showcased with the close up perspective often enhancing her curves. We spend the last few minutes underneath her squatting ass looking straight up her assets from below. There’s a very brief but awesome bend over slow motion butt twerk to end the clip.

Split Disturber. ITC Favorite 9:35

Now with her bra and shoes also removed Nina shows off her outstanding skills doing the splits. Her full bottom and excellent back arch combine for a very shapely display of feminine form. She’s very adept at flexing her butt cheeks making them bobble up and down one after another. We also get right up her her butt crack observing her equally skilled anus flexing with an impressive range of motion. Besides doing the splits side to side she also does it front to back and then most impressively standing up with one leg straight up over her head.

Clearly Fucked up. 9:14

Nina uses a clear rubber dildo for this masturbation scene. She lubed her pussy up with coconut oil for this scene and it creates some gooey noises as she dildo slides around in her pussy. The action is pretty cautious for a while until the final minutes as intense action takes over and the toy and pussy froth up with creamy goo.

Playing Butthole Ships. ITC Favorite 8:46

The action turns to the ass now and Nina easily sinks the same clear rubber toy up her ass. The close up shots are especially nice when the toy comes out of her ass with lots of excellent anal muscle flexing. In the last few minutes she just uses her finger to dabble around up her ass while lying on her front and we get more beautiful close up ass crack shots with excellent anal flexing.