1160 Tomi Taylor

1161 Elsa Jean

1162 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Wrap Slutty in Blue. 12:21

Elsa’s best assets become rather obvious as soon as she starts flossing her pussy with her lingerie outfit and letting her huge lips spill out from under the material. As the scene progresses she ends up lowering her lingerie down around her thighs and giving you a beautiful spread pussy and ass view while standing virtually over your face. This intro strip tease shows that she really has no weakness or flaws anywhere with a stunning face and really impressive assets down below.

What Elsa ya Got? ITC Favorite 14:43

This nude posing clip progresses to the background ambience of a rain and thunder storm which dominates the audio in spite of the indoor setting. The clip starts with lots of awesome bend over and squatting posing while kneeling on the chair with her pussy and ass hovering close by over your face. She then turns around to lean back in the chair with her legs up and together. The position emphasizes her really thick pussy lips with fat girlie flesh bulging prominently between her legs. She then moves up onto the top of the table showing some more bend over posing and finally lies down on her front giving the open leg view straight up her butt. The close up view right in her ass crack is pretty awesome with a little bit of a jiggle in her shapely ass cheeks and the full details of her anus seen very clearly as she flexes it in and out.

The Labia Movement. 6:42

This is all just manual pussy fiddling and finger masturbation as she warms up for the toy that is to follow. It’s great stuff for those who like to see thick pussy lips being manipulated under probing fingers.

A Big Fuckin' Cunt. ITC Favorite 10:14

Elsa’s big glass toy slips very nicely into her big slippery pussy with ease. The extreme close up shots are pretty amazing with the toy just sliding up and down through the depths of her thick chasm. The pussy lip bulging is about as epic as it can get with her legs together and the toy pressing the flesh even more to part her voluptuous vulva right in your face. Later with her feet on the floor, legs open and her ass hanging out off the edge of the chair the action continues with her big pussy sometime virtually hanging open.