1149 Vanessa Veracruz

1150 Blanche Bradburry

1151 Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

This location happens to be right next to perhaps the most popular tourist street in Prague with the sounds of pedestrians, restaurants and street jazz band wafting in from the window. After the establishing shot this distraction is mitigated somewhat as she closes the window.

Scene 1

I Like Blanche Dressing. ITC Favorite 14:47

Blanche’s dress is really something special with nice patterns draping beautifully over her figure and culminating in a tight curve hugging fit around her ass and a super short hemline ending right under her butt. The up the butt tease is really pretty awesome as she lets the dress slowly inch it’s way up over her butt cheeks revealing a really nice thong panty and gorgeous ass cheeks. She spends much of the time posing beside a full wall mirror so you get the view of her ass hanging out of her dress from the back and the side simultaneously. Her combination of beautiful dress, panties and ass makes for one of the best ass teases in recent memory.

Back in the Floor Tease. 11:13

With all clothing items now off Blanche gets down to the business of showing off her naked figure and bare pussy and ass. After standing against the wall for a short period of time she gets down on the floor for the rest of the clip. We spend a fair amount of time just gazing up her bottom side as she lies on her front with her legs open.

Bradburry Jam. 10:25

Blanche uses a glass dildo while sitting in the chair leaning back with her legs up. There’s some pretty nice open pussy views every time she takes the toy out of her pussy. Halfway through she moves onto the top of the table to continue the dildo action while lying on her back.

Take Pried in the Fucked. 3:00

This short interlude is a quick inspection of her freshly fucked pussy all spread open with four fingers gaping the vagina. The quality of the open vagina views comes and goes, sometimes well lit and other times not, sometimes with fingers a bit in the way but usually well enough back to show the flesh nicely.

Czech out the Prague Ram. 9:10

Blanche’s best asset, her ass, gets a good display in this anal scene. Her position lying on her side show off her ass curves beautifully as she fingers her ass hole. She uses the same glass toy now in her ass easily managing some deep ass fucking. The butt crack views are pretty awesome every time she takes the toy out of her ass with some beautiful close up anus shots. She soon turns onto her front with her legs open giving you the front row seat between her legs to gaze straight up her ass as she alternately fucks her ass and then shows off her ass crack with her freshly fuck anus winking at you and showing off. The anal fingering at the end may be the highlight as her anus is beautifully exposed in close up detail surrounded by a very shapely and inviting ass crack.