1150 Blanche Bradburry

1151 Gina Valentina

1152 Jemma Valentine

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Now Tats a Hot Chick. ITC Favorite 19:02

We wouldn’t normally shot a girl with so many large an obvious tattoos but when the girl is so ridiculously gorgeous we can’t not shoot her. She might be the new hottest girl on the site. The face is really pretty with beautiful dark features and perfect silky hair. Her youth and inexperience shows though in the most charming way. Her cobalt blue panties are really sexy with stripes of semi-transpartent sections and a beautiful fit around her perfect ass. The panty and butt tease is really nice but you may be more distracted with her stunningly beautiful face in the shots where she is facing forward. Her first bend over pose with the panties down around her thighs really packs a wallop with her bare pussy and ass exposed and thrust in your face for the first time. We have plenty more coming from Gina but this first clip is something special showing her at her best.

Kneel Young. ITC Favorite 13:48

With Gina now completely naked we alternately gaze upon her pussy and ass and her stunningly beautiful face. There are a number of excellent close up face shots in the first half before she turns around to park her ass in your face. There’s lots of bend over and squatting types of poses as seen from all angles including front, back, side and below. We take a thorough look up her ass while she squats kneeling over your face. She then goes onto her front with her legs wide open giving you the front row seat between her legs for the up the butt view. Her anus frequently flexes in and out enhancing the view up her ass crack.

Ho Tail California. ITC Favorite 12:53

Gina’s anal toys are quite unique with rubber strings attached to little rubber balls. It’s not about anal masturbation so much as just showing off her ass with unique insertions. The sexiest moments are when the toy is fully up her ass with the little rubber strings poking out of her ass hands free. It flaps around playfully in the air as she twerks her butt in the bend over pose. After popping the single ball out of her ass she progresses to a double ball toy and finally a gold butt plug. She does a beautiful slow motion ass twerk in the bend over pose with the butt plug up her ass.

Black Dick Explosives. 8:58

Gina uses a pretty big black rubber dildo in her pussy. Her tight youthful pussy seems to handle the big dick really well with relative ease. She starts lying back with her legs up in the air and then later squats on the floor leaning back against the furniture with her butt hanging in mid air. The action gradually speeds up and she gets all quivery during a fairly prolonged climax to the scene.