1134 Taissia Shanti

1135 Skin Diamond

1136 Naomi Nevena

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Loosey in the Sky with Diamond. 28:33

Skin wears a quite unique burgundy wrapped skirt that drapes over her curves in a rather flattering manner. With the skirt later removed we also see a pretty interesting pair of panties with completely open sides. Her slow movements are all very fluid and super sensual throughout this extensive clip. She gets naked well before the half way point of this clip leaving the majority of time to just soak in her beautiful bare assets. Those who don’t care for tattoos and body piercings will forget all about that once you get close up in her crack with one of the most flawless and pristine undersides completely filling your screen. There’s not a single follicle in sight with super smooth skin and a beautiful shape to her curvy ass.

Fuck View Asshole. 10:01

After a brief bit of vaginal insertion Skin uses her lumpy black toy to fuck herself in the ass. She combines it with some pussy rubbing with the other hand while lying on her side and gets a nice gyrating motion going. She then turns onto her front with one knee forward while continuing to thrust the toy up her butt. The last few minutes are without the toy as she just finger her ass hole and spreads her cheeks for some excellent close up views in her ass crack.

A Buzz Skin Act. 8:52

Skin switches to a vibrating toy now and buzzes her pussy to a climax several times. Lying back with her knees up to her chest she really gets her curves and pussy out in the open. Later she changes position leaning back against the chair with her ass hanging out in mid air. She gets a little more energetic alternately pounding the toy up her pussy and then pressing it firm against her clitoris.

Scene 2

Full Frontal Nude 'n Pee. ITC Favorite 2:26

Now outdoors Skin squats on the pool deck to pee. The reflected light between her legs really makes her skin sparkle with detail. It’s a good quality pee scene with a decent stream and a good close up view of her beautiful assets in action.