1133 Lexi Dona

1134 Taissia Shanti

1135 Skin Diamond

Shoot Location: San Giovanni D'asso, Italy

Scene 1

Torn on Delights. 9:18

Taissia’s jean shorts are a little different with torn sections around the butt cheeks. She spends plenty of time squirming her butt in your face before peeling her shorts off.

In a Cuntry Meadow. 15:13

With all of her clothes now off Taissia’s giant pussy gets all of the attention with lots of spreading and manipulation. Her lips are really thick and meaty and she can spread it really well to show off lots of vagina. One third into this scene she moves from the chair onto the ground and there’s more up the butt views as she poses bending over and lying on her front. In the last few minutes she stands over your face giving the perfect view straight up her pussy and ass from below.

Go for a Lawn Walk. 5:21

Taissia makes use of the large grassy area to show off her body in motion. She repeatedly walks across the full length of the lawn and sometimes just meanders around with a smile on her face.

Ground Cunt Roll to Major Dong. 13:23

Taissia’s big pussy has no trouble taking a really big vibrating rubber dildo. After starting lying back on the chair she moves to a squatting position straddling the two chairs with her butt just hovering in mid air giving a very revealing viewing perspective from underneath. She then moves onto the ground for the main bulk of this scene and fucks herself lying on her back on the grass. She comes to an orgasm with the toy rubbing in her slit on the outside of her pussy. There’s a good four minutes of fantastic pussy spreading to end the scene after she is done with the toy.