1128 Sara Luvv & Vanessa Veracruz

1129 Felicia Kiss

1130 Tracy Gold

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

This video (particularly the first clip) represents perhaps the worst case scenario of unwanted background ambient audio with some type of ceremonial event occurring in the town square across the street complete with marching band and music on loud speaker. Unfortunately this was all but impossible to edit out and it is entirely inappropriate to the scene. We recommend just turning the audio off.

Scene 1

Band over Bitch. 27:35

Felicia’s tall figure is really nicely showcased in her curve hugging gold skirt and slim fitting top. The skirt doesn’t last that long leaving plenty of time to admire the ass of her lacy black panties. She peels her panties down in a revealing bend over position and then the rest of the clip is all bare pussy and ass worship. Midway through she poses standing in just her top wearing it pulled down like a really short and revealing dress. Her bare ass looks pretty awesome hanging out the bottom of her “dress”. There are some very nice bend over pussy and ass spreads in the latter half of this clip. She is not the most smiley model ever but she does have a beautiful body that is very well displayed here with a nice mix of full body and close up shots.

Kiss off ya Friggin Cunt. 2:42

Felicia’s finger masturbation is pretty brief and maybe a bit contrived but features a nice close up view of her thick pussy lips being manipulated under vigorously rubbing fingers.

Open up, it's the Felicia. ITC Favorite 4:14

This entire clip is dedicated pretty much exclusively to spread pussy views with some very explicit close up shots. Her spreading technique is very nice with the fingers mostly out of the way and achieving a decent pussy gape. With some excellent lighting we get an amazing extreme close up seeing all the way up her cream soaked vagina as she flexes it open and closed. There’s a few nice sound effects that are worth turning up the volume for here.

Kiss my Ass. ITC Favorite 9:08

Felicia maintains a beautiful pose lying on her side throughout most of this anal fingering and toying scene. The pose presents some beautiful curves with her ass and pussy well exposed in prime viewing position. We get a pretty awesome close up ass hole shot in between the dabbling action. The action is not at all energetic or climactic but it is really just all about the beautiful assets on display along with a bit of anal fiddling.

Holed up in the Apartment. 11:30

Felicia actually rubs her pussy through most of her speculum scene, though we pay more attention to just looking up her gaping open vagina. This scene starts out in the generic position lying on her back but also includes poses lying on her side and in doggy style. She also finishes the scene with the speculum inside her pussy turned sideways to expose the top and bottom vagina walls.