1127 Josie Jagger

1128 Sara Luvv & Vanessa Veracruz

1129 Felicia Kiss

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Sara has a pretty bad sunburn and a lot of peeling going on on her shoulders in this video as a result of her beach shoot day in collection #1063 which was shot several days before this one. It’s a relatively minor distraction to an otherwise excellent lesbian scene with some beautiful pussy and ass eating.

Scene 1

Bay Watch Babes. 15:43

This intro clip progresses from ass worship with some great up skirt views to stripping until finally a little appetizer of bare ass licking. Vanessa’s ass steals the show as it looks amazing hanging out the bottom of her dress. Sara then bends over naked for a quick eating out. The clip ends with an amazing underneath shot looking straight up Vanessa ass as she stands over the camera getting her ass crack eaten out.

Lickity Slit. ITC Favorite 10:43

The scene now moves to the bed for the main course of lesbian action. Sara is on the receiving end of all the attention in this clip starting with a some thorough ass eating with lots of dribble flowing down her ass crack and tongue flicking all up and down her pussy and ass crack. Half way through Sara turns onto her back to get her thick pussy lips licked and flicked. Vanessa does a great job of digging her tongue right up Sara’s vagina showing the thick meaty lips bulging around her tongue. There’s some very nice close up shots near the end of this clip with Sara’s soaked pussy lips bathing under Vanessa’s lightly massaging tongue.

Luvv to Cruz. ITC Favorite 12:55

The action reverses now with Vanessa getting a good pussy and ass licking from Sara. It’s almost an exact replay of the previous clip with the girls in opposite positions starting with ass licking and ending with pussy licking. Vanessa gets a beautiful ass squirm going as she gets her ass eaten out with Sara’s tongue and face sliding up and down through her ass crack in rhythm to her squirming motion. Sara’s pussy eating technique is something more like a sucking motion with her mouth sealed around Vanessa’s pussy for a firm munch. She also does a really nice open mouth circular licking motion all around Vanessa’s smooth pussy lips. The clip ends with a little bit of side by side posing with both girls just showing off their spread asses next to each other.

The Hang Lick Maneuver. 4:53

This is a little encore of pussy and ass eating as we experiment with a little different position. Vanessa hangs her ass off the edge of the bed with all of her cheeky asset dangling in mid air while getting licked out. The position allow Sara to get all the way underneath to eat her ass with silky smooth ass cheeks hanging right in her face. The scene ends with Sara manually rubbing Vanessa’s pussy to a climax.