1096 Megan Rain

1097 Sabrina Banks

1098 August Ames

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Eyes up Hose. 24:28

This is a long and relentless tease of pantyhose, legs and ass from a girl with killer legs and ass. The pantyhose are sheer and seamless with nothing to impede your view of her pussy and ass crack other than the see through fabric. There’s a brief segment admiring her firm, flawless and perky little boobs while she fondles them and then we soak in her pantyhose ass for the remainder of the clip. She spends a long time wagging her ass in your face and squatting over the camera showing off impeccable form around her shapely ass.

Hose Down for some Ass? ITC Favorite 10:18

Sabrina’s pantyhose come down around her thighs and remain there while she gives a beautiful display of naked ass and pussy with lots of spreading. The initial close up in her ass crack is stunningly beautiful. You see her in several poses lying on her front, side and back all showing off a beautiful undercarriage with immaculate form. She gets into a little bit of masturbation at the end using just her fingers to rub her pussy to a pretty quick climax.

Ribber Banks. ITC Favorite 10:25

Sabrina’s pantyhose remain down around her thighs while she fucks herself with a ribbed dildo. The final minutes feature a very interesting crabwalk style position with her ass hanging in mid air while she fucks her pussy. She gets into convulsions as she reaches her orgasm with goose bumps suddenly appearing all over her skin and little trickles of pussy juice seeping down over her ass cheeks.

The Hole Ass Pick Changes. ITC Favorite 8:04

Sabrina has a go at fingering her ass hole using one finger probing deep up her ass. There’s some really outstanding up the ass shots in this clip, often with only ass crack and anus filling your screen. After lying on her side and on her front she ends with a doggy style pose that really emphasizes her beautiful form.

Scene 2

Burst the Banks. ITC Favorite 1:57

Now outdoors Sabrina takes a pee while bending over doggy style. Besides being one of her best poses it really exposes all of her pussy and ass well and lets you see all the action. It’s a great pee ranging from a slow dribble to a strong forceful stream. She gets the giggles halfway through forcing her pee to come out hard and fast and there’s even a little toot in the middle of it.