1095 Candice Dare

1096 Megan Rain

1097 Sabrina Banks

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

You're Megan me Horny. 17:29

Megan takes her time rolling around on the bed in her black panties but there’s still more than half of this clip showing full bottomless nudity. After a lot of just showing off the naked pussy and ass she eventually gets into a quick pussy rubbing session bringing on a climax in no time.

Megan Stuff up. 11:14

Megan remains lying on her front with the legs wide open through most of this anal masturbation scene providing some amazing up the ass views throughout. At first she just uses her fingers to dabble around up her ass and then progresses on to a pink rubber dido. It takes her a while to get the toy up her ass but then the action picks up and she really pops her ass out for maximum exposure. She turns onto her side for a while to continue fucking her ass while rubbing her pussy with the other hand.

Gimme a Rain Check. 6:20

Megan’s speculum scene is a little unusual in that her cervix is MIA, as if the speculum is not long enough to reach the bottom of her vagina. A flip to the doggy style position reveals that it is probably just around the corner to one side.