1079 Skin Diamond

1080 Abby Lee Brazil

1081 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Abby Teasing you ITC Favorite 11:50

Abby’s lingerie set remains on for quite a while making the primary focus on her incredible figure in several standing and lying positions. We take in the full body front side views more than usual since she really has the perfect hourglass curves with beautiful hips and boobs. There are a few very nice close ups around the ass but with a body like this we really want to just stand back and admire the full picture of perhaps the most perfect figure on the site.

You Stocking to me? 9:46

With most of the lingerie now off Abby shows off her beautiful underside while wearing only the stockings and shoes. The butt gets a lot more attention now with low angle views looking up her ass and some very sexy bend over poses. Perhaps the best pose comes at the end as she lies on her back with both knees up to her chest showing off the awesome curves around her ass with the pussy bulging out in the middle.

A Brazilian Bucks. 10:42

Abby fucks a mounted dildo giving you the very sexy reverse cowgirl perspective. She takes it pretty slow for a while which allows for some very nice close up views up her butt. She gets a very nice slow butt wobble going while fucking the toy in the bend over position. The climax of the video has a more vigorous bucking motion though it doesn’t last so long.