1078 Suzie Carina

1079 Skin Diamond

1080 Abby Lee Brazil

Shoot Location: Punakaiki, New Zealand

This scene has a decidedly unique ambience to it being located in a typical New Zealand style bach (the NZ word for a basic holiday shack on the waterfront). The decor is about as basic as can be yet having a lot of character and an amazing ocean view right outside the window.

Scene 1

Bach Allure. 16:56

Our model’s classy bra and panty set with the overlying pink robe is somewhat of a dichotomy against the plain surroundings of this very basic bathroom. She takes her time posing and teasing in the panties. There’s some really nice underside views as she tugs on her panty thong with the string flossing right up into her pussy lips.

Back in the Shack. 5:57

With all clothing items now off we spend some time just admiring her naked assets. We get a fantastic up the butt view as she sits on the edge of the tub with her ass hovering over your face.

Bath Skin in the Glory. 11:57

Skin’s bath scene has a lot of excellent butt ogling with glistening wet ass cheeks jacking up out of the water. Even after she gets out of the water we still admire her ass while she dries off with a towel.

The Buzzball Diamond. 11:40

The masturbation scene involves an unusual toy with an egg shaped vibrating ball on the end of it. There’s a short bend over segment but most of this has her leaning back on the chair with her legs spread in the air. Later on she jacks her ass up off the surface of the chair giving a nice view of her butt cheeks while she continues to fuck herself. The last couple of minutes feature some pussy spreading after she is done with the toy.

Dissin' Vogue. 1:13

This is a behind the scenes outtake with Skin making fun of Vogue magazine posing while she didn’t know the camera was rolling. She has some experience with fashion modelling and thus appears to know how to do their style of posing. Due to the fact none of the crew knew the camera was rolling either there’s quite a lot of casual banter back and forth with off camera voices.