1070 Carol Luna

1071 Alexis Brill

1072 Ariana Grand

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Blues Lover. 9:52

Virtually everything in this scene is blue except for Alexis herself and the rock patio that she stands on. It’s a very pretty Greek Island scene with lots of water and blue sky filling the background. Alexis does a pretty slow tease gradually peeling out of her blue bikini. The last couple of minutes has some beautiful nude butt spreading after she peels her bikini bottom down around her thighs.

Smackin' Crack. ITC Favorite 16:35

This is all nude ass inspection with a lot of bend over posing and a lot of lying on her front with her hands manipulating her ass. We spend a long time just gazing up her ass crack at close range while she lightly jiggles and slaps her ass cheeks. The latter half has a fantastic underneath view as she kneels straddling two chairs showing off her undercarriage beautifully with the legs spread wide apart. This is surely the highlight of this video and a treasure trove for those who love just gazing up a beautiful ass for long periods of time. Her light butt jiggling and slow squirming motion really bring the scene alive to show off her lovely mounds at their best.

Brill Seeker. 12:29

Alexis’ masturbation scene is honestly not as genuine as it could have been due to the fact she was battling cramps at the time of this shooting. There is nonetheless a number of very nice views around her pussy and ass while she masturbates using her fingers and then a vibrating toy.

Sprayed and Nudered. 4:05

Alexis sprays some sun lotion on her body giving a nice sheen to her skin that glistens in the sun. There’s a fair amount of attention paid to her butt as she massages the lotion into her cheeks and then spreads her ass while standing over your face.

Bugs Bunny. 0:45

This is a brief outtake blooper as Alexis freaks out over a large flying bug that wont leave her alone. One crew person’s attempts to swat the bug causes it to fly right into her hair.