1064 Sabrina Banks

1065 Antonia Sainz

1066 Dakota Skye

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Feeling Lacey. 9:22

Both Antonia’s dress and panties are made of a lace material with the lace panties playing a prominent role in this strip tease video. A large portion of this clip is spent gazing upon her panty crotch and ass as she poses bending over and lying back in the chair with her legs up.

Antonia Bend Near us. 11:05

There’s several poses in this nude posing clip but a large portion of it has her on her knees with her bare ass and pussy thrust into your face giving the most revealing view of her privates. For some time she squats with her knees on each arm of the chair forcing her legs really wide open for a more revealing view from underneath, especially when she spreads her pussy and ass using her hands. Later she stands over top of the camera both in the front and rear views and finally poses lying on her side with her pussy and ass well out in the open.

The Holey Sainz. 4:00

This clip is non stop spread pussy views including some very explicit close up shots with the fingers prying the vagina open.

Fasterbation. 7:24

Antonia takes finger masturbation into another gear with her frantic fast paced action. Some of her motion is simply too fast for the camera causing a few blurs but the action is still quite compelling creating an exciting scene. Most of the clip is all in the bend over position with her ass thrust out into your face.

Going in Sainz. 7:54

Antonia’s dildo masturbation starts quite a bit slower allowing for some nice clear close up views of the gooey action. The biggest portion of the clip has her feet on the floor with her ass hanging out in mid air. The action picks up very nicely with a big stream of pussy goo flowing down her ass crack and dripping off her ass cheeks. While we cannot say for sure that there is a real orgasm in this the action is nonetheless very compelling with all the ingredients of an excellent masturbation scene. The bare pussy spread at the end is especially nice with all the girlie places sopping wet, gapping open and oozing with goo.